Reviewing feedback from your teacher
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To see how to review feedback, watch this video or keep reading:

When you open Kaizena, you'll see all the messages your teacher has given you:

Most comments will be attached to a highlight on your file. The part in the colored box is the text that's highlighted:

The comment underneath is the feedback your teacher gave you:

If you aren't sure which comment goes with which highlight, you can click the comment at the right, or the highlight on the file. This will make the highlight brighter and will open the comment.


Your teacher may have added a rubric to Kaizena.  Rubrics collect any ratings (ie skills) your teacher added, so you can see how you did on the assignment overall.  If your teacher added a rubric, you'll see a blue "Show Rubric" button at the bottom of Kaizena:

Just click this button to see the rubric.  Here's an example of a rubric:

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