Signing in for the first time
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The first time you open Kaizena, you'll need to sign in and create a Kaizena account. Don't worry - this is done entirely inside Google Docs, and will take less than a minute!

Once you've opened Kaizena, the first step is to select "Teacher":

Next, enter the school you teach at: just type the name of the school and select it from the dropdown:

If you don't see your school on the list, type full name of your school and click "Add one":

You'll need to enter some location data for your school as well.

Next, enter the grades and subjects you teach:

You can add as many subjects and grades as you like - just click "Add another subject"! When you're satisfied with your grades and subjects, click "Set subjects and grades":

Finally, add your name. This is the name the students will see when they review your feedback.

Click "Set teacher name."

And that's it! You're ready to start giving feedback.

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