How Students Review Feedback
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When you leave feedback on a Google Doc, your students will receive an email notification: this will include a link to the Google Doc and instructions for opening or installing Kaizena.

In order to review your feedback, your students will need to have permission to edit the Google Doc. If you're using Google Classroom, "returning" the file to the student will do this.

When students open Kaizena, they'll see all the messages you have added:

Most comments will be attached to a highlight on the file. The part in the colored box is the text that's highlighted:

The comment underneath is the comment you added:

If you aren't sure which comment goes with which highlight, your students can click the comment at the right, or the highlight on the file. This will make the highlight brighter and will open the comment.

Resolving Comments

If a student edits their paper based on your comments, they can "resolve" the comment so it no longer shows up.

First, they click the three dots in the corner of the comment:

Then they click the resolve button:

This will resolve the comment - you and your student won't see it when you open Kaizena.

If you want to see the resolved comments, click "Open" in the top right corner of Kaizena, then click "Resolved":

You'll see all the resolved comments.

If you want to re-open a comment, click the three dots in the corner of comment, then click "Reopen":

Replying to Comments

If they want to discuss your feedback, students can reply to your comments. (You can also reply to comments the same way.)

First, they click on the comment to open it. They can respond with any of the four comment types. For example, click the microphone to reply with a voice comment:

Or click the "T" to reply with a text comment:

The reply or replies will be attached underneath the first comment, like this:

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