Do you ever find yourself giving your students the same piece of feedback over and over again? Lessons let you save your feedback, so you can quickly add a link, text or voice comment to a Doc.  You can create your own Lessons, or use Kaizena's Curated Lessons.

Before you can use a Lesson in the Google Docs add-on, you'll need to set up a Lesson. You can either create a new comment on your Lessons page, or save an existing comment as a Lesson. (Both options are described below.)

Creating a Lesson on your Lessons Page

Click on the Lesson icon to get started:

Next, click "Manage Lessons on":

This will take to to your Lessons page. You'll see a sample Lesson, and any other Lessons you've created.

To create a new Lesson, click "New Lesson":

Next, enter the title of the Lesson. You'll find the Lesson using the title, and the title isn't visible to students, so don't be afraid to be descriptive! Some teachers include the subject or class in their Lesson Titles, eg "English - Comma Splice."

Once you've entered the Lesson title, click "Create":

This will create an empty Lesson. Before you use the Lesson, you'll need to add at least one comment. Click the empty Lesson to open it:

You can add text comments (including links) or voice comments to Lessons.

For a text comment, enter your message into the box, then click "Post":

To add a voice comment, click the microphone icon, then click "Start Recording":

You can review your comment before saving it: if you're happy with your comment, click "Post" to save it. You can redo the comment by clicking "Re-record":

You can add as many comments to the lesson as you want. When you're satisfied with the lesson you've created, see how to use the Lesson in the add-on.

Save Existing Comment as Lesson

You can also save a comment you've already made as a Lesson.

Click the 3 dots in the corner of the comment:

Then click the light-bulb icon:

Enter the name of the Lesson, then click "Create":

If you want to add additional comments to your Lesson, you can edit it on your Lessons page.

Next, see how you use your Lessons in the add-on.

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