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Editing Conversation Participants and Renaming a Conversation
Editing Conversation Participants and Renaming a Conversation
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Sometimes you may want to have conversations with multiple people. You can start a new conversation or add people to an existing conversation.

To see how to start a new conversation, click here.

To add new people to an existing conversation (or remove them), open the conversation settings by opening the conversation, then clicking "Conversation Settings":

This will open the conversation settings.

If there are multiple people in a conversation, you can rename it (#1 in the screenshot below). Enter the new name into the text box, then click "Rename Conversation."

To add or remove people from a conversation, use the search bar (#2 in the screenshot above) or click on their name in the list (#3 in screenshot). When you've finished making your changes, click "Make Changes to Participants" (#4 in screenshot).

Note: any new conversation must include the group creator (ie, the teacher). The teacher can choose to leave the conversation if they don't want to see it.

You're done! Everyone you've added to the conversation will be able to see the conversation and add files and feedback to it.

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