Step 5 of 6: Creating Groups

Now it's time to move out of the sample group. Click the groups icon at the left:

This will take you to the groups page, where you can see all your groups. It looks like this:

When you create a group, it will show up here.

Generally, teachers will create a group for each class. To create your first group, click "Create New Group":

Select a subject, then grade for your group. We'll suggest a group name for you, which you can change to whatever you like. When you're happy with your group name, click "Create Group":

Now you'll be taken to the group you just created.

To get back to your groups page, click the groups icon:

Your new group will appear in the list of groups on your groups page. You can add as many groups as you want.

Ready for more? Then it's time for the last step: inviting students!

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