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The Everyone conversation and Broadcast both let you share content with multiple people at once. They work slightly differently: the Everyone conversation is a conversation with everyone in a group, and Broadcast sends a comment or file to each individual conversation in a group.

Everyone Conversation

The Everyone Conversation is a conversation between everyone in a group. Everyone in the group can see the conversation and add files or feedback. If you want to have discussions with your entire class, the Everyone Conversation is where to do it!

To open the Everyone Conversation, click "Everyone" (see screenshot below). You'll be able to see content other people have added, and can add new content just like in your normal conversations.

Do you want to have a conversation with multiple people but not everyone? Click here to find out how to create a new conversation with multiple people.

Hide Everyone Conversation

If you don't want to use the Everyone conversation, you can hide it:

  1. Click "Group Settings" (#1 in the screenshot below).

  2. Click "Everyone Conversation" (#2 below).

  3. Click the toggle to hide the Everyone conversation (#3 below). This will hide the conversation for everyone in the group: you and your students will not be able to view or contribute to the Everyone conversation unless it's restored.

  4. To restore the Everyone conversation, click the toggle again.


Broadcast lets you send a comment or file to all the conversations in a group. Click the group name (#1 in the screenshot below), then "Broadcast":

This will take you to the Broadcast page. You can add a comment or file the same way you usually would, but when you post it, the comment or file will be sent to every conversation in the group (except the Everyone Conversation).

Broadcast comments have a megaphone icon next to them, which looks like this:

The Broadcast messages you've sent will show up underneath the comment box:

If you want to remove any Broadcast message, move your mouse over the message, then click "Undo Broadcast":

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