Adding a File to a Conversation
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Files are added to Conversations in Kaizena. Before you can add a file, you need to have a Conversation created with your student or teacher. Private conversations are automatically created between the teacher and students when students join a group.

Need help inviting students to a group? Click here.

To add a file to a conversation, click the "Add File" button:

Next, choose to add a file from Google Drive or to upload a file from your computer:

Use the box that pops up to find your file. When you find your file, click it, then click "Select" (for a Google Docs file) or open (for an uploaded file). The file will be added to your conversation.

When the file is added, it will open and you can add comments to it. It will also show up at the bottom of the conversation, with the time and date the file was added:

Supported Filetypes

These are the types of files you can add to Kaizena:

  • Google Docs

  • Google Slides

  • Google Sheets

  • PDF

  • Word

  • PowerPoint

  • JPG

  • PNG

  • GIF

If you experience formatting errors when you upload a Word file, try saving the file as a PDF, and uploading it again.

Google Drawings can be saved as a PDF (see below) then uploaded.

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