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What is a Conversation and Conversation Privacy
What is a Conversation and Conversation Privacy
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At Kaizena, we believe that feedback is a loop; an on-going dialogue between teacher and student.

That's why all student work - and all of your feedback - is added to a Conversation between you and your student. Think of a Conversation like a student portfolio that builds itself over time.

A conversation is made up of files and comments, added by your and your student. When new content is added to the conversation it shows up at the bottom.

A conversation is private: only the people who are part of the conversation can see it. If you want to give other people access to a conversation, you can add them: click here to see how.

In the screenshot below, the conversation is the part in the red box. You can see all the files and comments that are part of the conversation.

Conversation Privacy

Conversations can only be viewed by the people in the conversation. The automatically created conversations between you and your student are private by default (only you and your student can see them!), but you can add more people to them if you want to.

To see how to add people to a conversation, click here.

To see the people in a conversation, open the conversation. The name of the person (or people) in the conversation will appear at the top, and the open conversation will be highlighted in green at the left:

Only the people listed here will be able to see your conversation.

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