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Step 6 of 6: Inviting Students to Your Group

Once you've set up your groups, you'll need to invite students. When you add students to your group, Kaizena will automatically set up a private conversation between you and each student. Both you and your students can add files and comments to these conversations, which aren't visible to anyone else in the group.

There are two ways to invite students: using a group code, or by entering their emails.

The video below and the rest of this article describe inviting students using a group code: to see how to invite students by email, have a look at this guide.

Group Invite Code

Each group you create has a unique code: your students will use this code to join your group.

To find the code, open the group from your groups page. You should be able to see the instructions when you open the group, but if not, click the group name (#1 in the screenshot below), then "Invite Students" (#2):

You will see instructions for inviting your students to your group at the right. Here's what they look like:

You can choose to share the code with your students directly, or print off a customized PDF with instructions:

Your students can use this code to join your group, but first they'll need to sign up for Kaizena.

Student Sign Up

Students can choose to sign up with a Google account or an email address. If they want to use Google Drive to add files, they should sign up using their Google account. If they have Google accounts through your school, make sure they sign up with that account and not their personal account.

Have your students go to and click "Sign in with Google." Have them select "Student" on this page:

....confirm their name and add a profile picture:

...and enter the group invite code you gave them on this page:

After students click Done, they'll be sent to the page for your group. A private conversation between you and that student is automatically created in that group. Students can now add files and comments to the conversation exactly the same way you can. They will also see the group on their groups page.

Joining More Groups

Have your students already signed up for Kaizena? Do they need to join another group? Not to worry, they can join another group on the groups page! Have them click the groups icon (or click here) to go to the groups page.

Have them click "Join Group," enter the group invite code, then click "Join Group":

When your students have joined your group successfully, their names will appear in your sidebar, and you can being giving them feedback.

Congratulations, you're all set up!

If  you need more help, click the question mark in the bottom right corner on

This will open a conversation with Kaizena tech support - we're happy to help you with any problems you're having!

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