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Step 3 of 6: Conversations in the Sample Group

Conversations are where all your feedback happens. A conversation is between you and a student, and only you and that student can see the conversation. You can both add files and comments to the conversation.

To learn more about giving feedback, watch this video or keep reading:

The part of the page in the red box is the conversation:

A conversation is made up of comments and files.


When you open a conversation you'll see the comments which have already been posted. These can be text or audio comments, and they can be added by you or by a student. Here's what they look like:

Adding New Comments

You can add new comments to the conversation - give it a try! Type a message into the box at the bottom (#1 in the screenshot below), then click "Post Comment" (#2 in screenshot).

You can also add an audio comment by clicking the microphone icon (#1 in the screenshot below). Your comment will start recording when the timer shows up (#2 in screenshot). When you've finished your comment, click "Stop Recording" (#3 in screenshot), and the comment will automatically be added to the conversation.

The other types of feedback you can add are Skills and Lessons.

To learn about Skills, click here.

To learn about Lessons, click here.

To find out more about adding feedback, click here.


Files can also be added to conversations. The list of all the files in a conversation is on the right side of the screen (#1 in the screenshot below), and a message is added when a file is uploaded (#2 in the screenshot below). Click either of these to open a the file. Here's where to find the files:

When the file is open, you can add comments to it - give it a try! With the file open, click and drag to create a highlight, type a message, the click "Post to Highlight." Here's what that looks like:

Audio comments can be added the same way - just click the microphone icon and record your comment.

Adding New Files

You can also add new files to the conversation - just click the "Add File" button. Files are added through Google Drive or by uploading them directly (PDFs only). To upload a file, click "Add File," then select the file you want to add. Here's what that looks like:

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