Adding Students to a Group
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When you add students to Kaizena, you'll be adding them to a group. Most teachers create a group for each class. 

When a student joins your group, a private conversation will automatically be started between you and the student. 

To add students, first open the group. You should still instructions for inviting students at the right, but if not, you can click the group name (#1 in the screenshot below), then "Invite students (#2 below):

This will open the instructions for inviting students at the right:

There are two ways to add students to a group:

  • Using an invite code.

  • Adding students via email address.

Group Invite Code

Students can add themselves to your group using the group code. You can share the group code with your students directly, or you can print off instructions.

To see the group code, click "In-Class Instructions" (#1 in the screenshot below).

You'll see instructions to give to your students. They will need the group code to join your group:

If you would rather print instructions for your students, you can click "Print Handouts":

This will open a customized PDF for you to download. It will include instructions for your students on how to sign up for Kaizena and join your group.

Your students can join your group when they sign up for Kaizena, or on their groups page.

...and that's it! Your students will see your group added to their list of groups, and they can click it to go the the group. A private conversation between you and your student will be created when they join your group.

Note: both teachers and students can join groups using a group code.

Add Students by Email

Students can also be added to groups with their email addresses. Once you've clicked "Invite Students," click "Invite by Email":

Next, you can enter your students' emails. Paste them into box #1 (in the screenshot below). You can separate emails with commas, semicolons, spaces, or new lines. When you've entered all your emails, click "Email Invites" (#2 in the screenshot):

Your students have been added to the group! Private conversations with the students you invited have been started, and they will be visible in the list of conversations (you may need to refresh the page to see the new conversations).

Your students will receive an email invitation to Kaizena- once they sign up, they will be able to see the group and any content you have added to your conversation with them.

To see how to create a group, click here.

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