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Adding Voice Comments is a fast and efficient way to bring your feedback to life for your students. Your students can not only hear what you said, they can also hear how you said it. It's also a great way to demonstrate pronunciation for language students.

Adding a Voice Comment

Just like other types of feedback, voice comments can be added to a conversation, a file, or a highlight on a file.

To add a voice comment, open a conversation, then click the microphone icon in the comment box:

Kaizena will automatically start recording your comment. When you've finished speaking, click "Stop Recording" and your comment will automatically save and upload to the conversation.

Voice comments can be up to three minutes long.

To play your voice comment, click the "Play" icon:

Microphone Permissions

The first time you use the microphone, you'll need to give permission to access it.

This can show up in different ways, so look at the screenshots below, and one should match what you're seeing. Note: these screenshots are for Chrome, but it works similarly for Firefox. Voice comments don't work with Safari, so you'll need to use Chrome or Firefox.

Option 1: A permissions box will pop up near the top of your screen when you try to add a voice comment: click "Allow":


Option 2: If the box doesn't show up, look for a video icon next to the URL at the top of the window:

  1. Click the video icon with the X on it (it shows up in the top right of the browser- this is #1 in the screenshot below).

  2. Click "Always allow https://app.kaizena.com to access your microphone" (#2 below).

  3. Click "Finished" (#3 below).



If neither of those works, you may need to give Kaizena permission in your settings: contact us for more help!

It may also be an issue with your microphone: have a look at these guides and see if they help:

If neither of those helps, just contact us and we'll be happy to help out!

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