If you need to rename, archive, leave, or delete a group, you can do that on your groups page.

Note: you can only rename, archive, or delete a group if you created the group.

Rename a Group

To rename a group, click the gear icon to the right of your group name, then click "Rename":

Type your new group name, then click "Rename Group":

Your group will be saved with its new name.

Archive a Group

Do you no longer need a group, but may want to refer back to it occasionally? You can archive the group: it will no longer appear in your main group list, but you can resort it if you need to.

To archive a group, click the gear icon next to the group name, then click "Archive":

This will move the group to your archived groups page. You can access this page by clicking "Show archived groups":

On your archived groups page, you can see any groups you have archived. You can return to your main groups page by clicking "Hide archived groups" (#1 in screenshot below). You can restore a group to your main groups list by clicking it (#2 in the screenshot below).

Note: archiving (or un-archiving) a group will archive (or un-archive) the group for everyone in the group.

Leave a Group

If you want to remove a group but want the other people in the group to still have access to it (or you don't want to delete the conversations in a group), you can leave the group. Note: you can only leave a group you did not create.

Click the gear icon to the right of the group name, then click "Leave":

The group will no longer show up in your groups list, but anyone else in the group will still be able to use the group.

Delete a Group

If you have old groups you no longer need and will not need access to in the future, you can delete the group. Click the gear icon to the right of the group name, then click "Delete":

This will delete the group AND all conversations inside the group. No one in the group will be able to access it anymore, and you will not be able to recover it.

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