Voice Comments Fail to Record
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If voice comments aren't recording, don't finish processing, or sound funny, here are a few things you can do to isolate the problem.

Note: only Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox currently support recording audio in the browser.

1) Check Your Microphone

Please make sure your computer has a microphone. If it's an external microphone, make sure it's properly connected. While this may seem obvious, not all computers have microphones and cables often get disconnected.

On Windows, you can use Sound Recorder to verify your computer can access the microphone. On Mac, go to your sound settings in system preferences to make sure the microphone input volume is high enough.

2) Confirm Your Browser can Access the Microphone

This microphone test runs inside your browser:

  1. Click "Allow" to accept microphone recording permissions

  2. Click the microphone to start recording, speak, then click the microphone again to stop recording.

  3. An "audio wave" should appear in the bottom box.

If an audio wave appears in the bottom box, your browser is able to record audio.

3) Internet Quality

Please ensure your connection receives at least a grade of "B" on the following test:

Note: to be accurate, this test must be run when the network is "under load" - ie. your entire class is using their devices.

If your network connection is below B grade, try using a wired connection or using Kaizena from home.

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