Deploying Kaizena to Chromebooks
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This guide shows you how to deploy Kaizena to Chromebooks managed by a Google Apps for Education domain.

After you complete these steps, students and teachers will be able to find Kaizena in their Chromebook's Apps screen and taskbar:

Note that this guide only covers deploying Kaizena to Chromebooks. To deploy Kaizena to Google Apps users who don't use Chromebooks, contact us at 

  1. Start at your Google Apps admin dashboard, then click "Device Management"

  2. Choose Chrome Management

  3. Choose App Management

  4. Search for Kaizena

  5. Choose the second result, "Kaizena (Voice Comments)"

6. Choose User Settings
7. Under the "Orgs" column, choose a domain (you might only have one).
8. Switch on "Force Installation," and optionally "Pin to taskbar"

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