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Every day in class your teach your students new skills, but students often don't know how well they are doing with these skills until their final grades. The Skills feature is a way for you to quickly rate your students in specific areas

Skills can be rubric criteria, common core standards, your local state, region, or country’s standards, learning objectives or outcomes…anything you want to track!

Creating a Skill

Head over to your skills page to get started: click the graph icon at the left:

This will take you to your skills page, where you can add skills and see the skills you've already created. To add a skill, click "+ New Skill":

Type the name of your new skill, then click "Create":

This will create a skill called "Organization" with 4 levels. Next, you'll want to add a description for each level: click the skill to open it, then click "Edit Skill Levels":

You can enter a description of each level of the skill:

You can remove a level from a skill by clicking "Remove":

You can add a level to a skill by clicking "+ New level here" at the bottom, or by putting your mouse between existing levels, which will cause "+ New level here" to show up between levels:

Any changes to a skill will show up in any skills you've already added to a conversation. For example, if you gave a student 3/5 points on "grammar," then change the skill to be 4 dots, the student will now have 3/4 dots on the skill you gave them.

Deleting a Skill

To delete or edit a skill, click the skill to open it, then click "Delete Skill":

Adding a Skill to a Conversation

Once you've created your lesson, you can add it to a conversation! Just like other types of comments, skills can be added to a conversation, a file, or a highlight on a file.

To add a skill, click the graph icon in comment box:

Type the name of your skill into the text box, then select it from the list:

Next, choose the rating you want to give your student by clicking on one of the dots. The skill will be added when you select the dot:

The rating and description of the skill level will be added to the bottom of the conversation:

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