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An important aspect of giving meaningful feedback is timeliness; how quickly can that feedback be given, received, and responded to? To help give students fast, effective feedback, we have three kinds of notifications: website notifications, email notifications, and desktop notifications.

Website Notifications

In Kaizena, you do not need to send your feedback to students. Students will automatically receive a notification when you make a comment. You will see a notification when a student adds a file or responds to your conversation.

Notifications show up here:

The red number shows how many notifications you have.

Click the notification icon to view your notifications. You can click on a notification to open the conversation and to mark the notification as read:

If you want to see all your notifications or mark all notifications as read, click "See all notifications":

This will take you to your notifications page. New notifications will be highlighted yellow. You can mark all notifications as read by clicking "Mark all as read."

Email Notifications

If you or your student have unread notifications for more than an hour, we automatically send you an email summary of your unread notifications:

Click on the link in the email to be taken to the conversation on

If you don't want to receive emails, or want to change when we email you, you can do that on your settings page.

Scroll down to "Email Notifications". If you don't want any emails from Kaizena, untick the box beside "Email me" (#1 in the screenshot below). If you want to change how soon we email you after you receive feedback, select the new time from the dropdown (#2 in the screenshot below). Make sure you click "Save Notification Settings" (#3 in screenshot) when you're done!

Desktop Notifications

You can now get desktop notifications for Kaizena! These are notifications that show up in the top right corner of your screen whenever new content is added to Kaizena:

You can enable desktop notifications on your settings page. Scroll down to "Browser Notifications", then click "Enable Browser Notifications":

Next, your browser will ask for permission to show you notifications. In Chrome, it looks like this (click "Allow"):

Note: in order to receive notifications, must be open in a tab in your browser (you don't need to be looking at it: the page just needs to be open).

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