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Do you have colleagues who use Kaizena? Are you using Kaizena for peer feedback? Once you've created lessons, you can share them with other teachers and students on Kaizena.

There are two ways to share lessons:

  • Share a lesson by email address

  • Make a lesson public

To start sharing a lesson, click the lesson to open it. Scroll down, then click "Share":

Share a Lesson by Email Address

Sharing a lesson by email address allows you to share a lesson with specific people. Only people you've shared the lesson with will be able to use the lesson.

Enter the emails of the people you want to share the lesson with into the box (#1 on the screenshot below), then click "Share" (#2 below):

Your shared lesson will be listed on the lessons pages of the people you shared it with:

They can add your lesson to a conversation the same way they use their own lessons. They are not able to edit your lesson.

You can see who you've shared the lesson with on the "Share" tab (hover over their icon to see their name). If you want to stop sharing the lesson with any of these people, just click their icon:

Make a Lesson Public

Public lessons are accessible to anyone with the lesson URL. To make a lesson public, click "Set as Public":

Once it's public, anyone can access the lesson by going the the lesson URL, which is in the grey box:

When another student or teacher goes to this address, they can add your lesson to their lessons page by clicking "Add to My Lessons":

This lesson will now show up on their lessons page, and they can use the lesson in conversations the same way they'd use their own lessons. Anyone who's added the lesson to their lesson page will not be able to edit the lesson.

To stop sharing a lesson publicly, click "Set as Private":

Setting a lesson as private means it cannot be accessed by URL. Anyone who has already added the lesson to their lessons page will still have access to it, but you can remove their access to the lesson the same way you do for lessons shared by email (described above).

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