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Do you ever find yourself giving your students the same piece of feedback over and over again? Lessons let you save your feedback, so you can quickly add a link, text or voice comment to a conversation! You can create your own lessons, or use Kaizena's curated lessons.

Creating a Lesson

To get started with lessons, go to your lessons page by clicking on the lightbulb icon at the left:

This will open your lessons page. Click "+ New Lesson" to add your first lesson:

Type your lesson title, then click "Create":

This will create an empty lesson.

Next, you'll need to add some content to the lesson. Click the lesson to open it. To add a voice comment, click the microphone; to add a text comment, click the "A" icon (#1 below). Type your comment (#2 below), then click "Post" (#3 below) when you're done:

You can add voice comments to a lesson as well: just click the microphone icon, then "Start Recording":

When you've finished recording your comment, click the red timer button:

Then you can listen to the comment you've made, and rerecord it if you want. When you're satisfied, click "Post":

The voice comment will be added underneath the text comment I added earlier. You can add as many voice and text comments to the lesson as you like.

Deleting Lessons

To delete a lesson, first click the lesson to open it, then click "Delete Lesson":

If you delete or edit a lesson, any lessons you've already added to a conversation will not be affected.

Editing Lessons

To edit a lesson, start by clicking the lesson to open it. Then click "Edit Comments" (#1):

Click "Remove" to remove a comment from the lesson (#2 above).

Adding a Lesson to a Conversation

Once you've created your lesson, you can add it to a conversation! Just like other types of comments, lessons can be added to a conversation, a file, or a highlight on a file.

To add a lesson, click the lightbulb icon under the comment box:

Start typing the name of your lesson, then select it from the list:

Once you've selected your lesson, click "Post Lesson" to add it to the conversation:

Your lesson will show up at the bottom of the conversation:

Note: lesson titles are not visible in the conversation.

Curated Lessons

Depending on the subjects and grades of your groups, you may have access to Kaizena's curated lessons. Kaizena has built-in, curated Lessons relevant to the subject you teach. Curated Lessons not only instruct around common student misunderstandings, but often link to explanatory videos and websites to reteach these concepts. We've done the work so that you don't have to!

If curated lessons are available for you, they will be visible on your lessons page: just click "Kaizena Curated Lessons" to view them:

You can add these lessons exactly the same way you added your custom lessons: select the lesson from the list, then click "Post Lesson." You can also edit or delete these lessons the same way you edit and delete your own lessons.

You can also share lessons with other teachers and students on Kaizena: click here for more details.

If you have any ideas for Lessons you'd like to see added to our curated Lessons, please let us know!

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