Kaizena Shortcut will no longer be available after December 31st, 2018.

If you're currently using Kaizena Shortcut, you will need to switch to our current add-on after that date.  Here are some resources to help you get started:

Before you add files to Kaizena.com, you'll need to set up Groups. Groups are how students are organized on Kaizena: teachers usually make a Group for each class. To add students to a Group, you give them the Group code, which they use to join the Groups from their account. You can also add students to a group using their email address.

Click here for more information about Groups.

When a student joins your Group, a private Conversation is automatically created between you and the student. A Conversation is an ongoing record of student work: all files and comments added to the Conversation are saved automatically, and are visible to you and your student.

Click here for more information about Conversations.

If you're new to Kaizena, you may want to have a look at our Getting Started guides. 

Adding a New File

The first time you open Kaizena Shortcut, you'll see this message:

Click "Add this file to a conversation" to get started!

Select Group

You'll need to choose where on Kaizena.com to add the file.

First, choose the Group. Click on the Group name to select it.

Choose a Conversation

In this step, you can choose to add the file to an existing Conversation or a new Conversation. If your students have already joined your Groups, you'll probably want to add the file to an existing Conversation. If you haven't added students, you can create a new Conversation.

After you've selected the Group, you'll see a list of the Conversations in that Group. Click a Conversation to select it.

Your file will be added to the Conversation you selected, and you'll be taken to the Conversation:

Now you're ready to start giving feedback on this file! Your student will receive a notification when you add feedback to the Conversation.

Not sure how to leave feedback? Have a look at these guides.

Adding Students to Kaizena

If your students haven't joined Kaizena yet, you won't have any conversations set up. Private conversations are automatically set up between you and a student when they join one of your groups. You can have students join your groups with the group code, or you can add them to a group yourself using their emails: have a look at this guide to adding students to Kaizena.

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