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When you give feedback on Kaizena, you add it to a conversation. Before you get started giving feedback, you'll need to set up groups and invite your students to them: private conversations are automatically created when you add students to one of your groups.

To see how to create groups, click here.
To see how to invite students,
click here.

Once you have conversations with your students set up, you can get started giving feedback!

There are several types of feedback you can leave students (click for more details):

When you add a comment on Kaizena, it is immediately visible to students. They are notified several ways that you have left them feedback: have a look at this guide to learn more.

There are also three places in a conversation you can leave feedback:

  1. Attached to a highlight on a file

  2. Attached to a file (a summary comment)

  3. In a conversation

Comment Attached to a Highlight

Most of your comments will probably be attached to highlights in a file. These types of comments let you give students really specific feedback about parts of their work.

To add a highlight, click on a file in the conversation.

Not sure how to add a file? Click here.

Once the file is open, click and drag anywhere in the file to create a highlight.

You can create a line highlight by clicking when the cursor is an "I" shape:

Or you can create a box highlight when the cursor is a target shape:

Once you've made your highlight, add your feedback in the comment box at the left:

You can add a voice comment, a text comment, a lesson, or a skill. You can also click on the coloured dots to change the highlight colour:

Once you've added your new comment, it will show up at the bottom of the conversation. You can click on your comment to open the highlight in the file (or click on the highlight to scroll to the comment):

Summary Comments

You may want to make a more general comment about your student's work as a whole. In this case, you can add a summary comment: this is attached to a file but not to a specific comment. Summary comments can be voice or text comments, skills, or lessons.

To add a summary comment, start by opening the file.

Then add a comment without making a highlight first. The comment will be attached to the file, but not to a highlight:

Comment in a Conversation

You can also send a comment to your student that isn't attached to a file by adding a comment to a conversation. The comment will show up at the bottom of the conversation, and can be a voice or text comment, a lesson, or a skill.

To add a comment to a conversation, just open the conversation. If you have a file open in the conversation, you can close it by clicking on the conversation name:

When the conversation is open (and no file is open), use the comment box to add your comment. The comment will show up at the bottom of the conversation:

Hint: if you have an announcement you want everyone in your class to see, you can add it to the Everyone conversation or Broadcast the comment.

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