Leaving a Conversation
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If you've been using Kaizena for a while, you may have conversations or groups you no longer need.

If you want to get rid of all the students in a group, you should delete that group (you can always make a new group with the same name if you need to).

To see how to delete or edit a group, click here.

If you want to remove a single conversation but keep the group, you can leave the conversation. The student in the conversation will still have access to the group and conversation. You can also remove students from your group.

First, open the conversation settings by opening the conversation, then clicking "Conversation Settings":

This will open the conversation settings to the right. To leave the conversation, click "Leave Conversation":

Now you've left the conversation, it will no longer show up in your sidebar. Note that any other participant(s) in the conversation will still have access to all the files and comments in the conversation. Leaving a conversation does not remove a student from a group.

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