Responding to Feedback from your Teacher
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When you've reviewed the feedback your teacher left you, you can resolve comments or reply to them.  Watch this video for more details, or keep reading: 

Resolving Comments

If you make a correction to your assignment based on a comment from your teacher, you can "resolve" the comment so it no longer shows up.

First, click the three dots in the corner of the comment:

Then click the resolve button:

This will resolve the comment - you won't see it when you open Kaizena.

If you want to see your resolved comments, click "Open" in the top right corner of Kaizena, then click "Resolved":

You'll see all the resolved comments.

If you want to re-open a comment, click the three dots in the corner of comment, then click "Reopen":

Replying to a Comment

You can reply to any comments your teacher leaves for you. First, click on the comment to open it.

Next, click the microphone to reply with a voice comment:

Or click the "T" to reply with a text comment:

The reply will be attached to the first comment, like this:

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