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Introduction to using Kaizena with Google slides

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Kaizena now has a version of our add-on for Google Slides! If you have been using the add-on feature for Google Docs, you'll find that the exact same features and functions in Google Slides.  

Note: you will need to be a Kaizena Progress subscriber in order to use Kaizena on Google Slides. 

You can open Kaizena from the add-ons menu, exactly as you did before:

All the features are the same! You can leave voice and text comments, create rubrics, attach lessons, and track skills throughout the presentation.  When you attach a comment to a highlight, there are a few new things you can highlight:

You can select images:

or shapes:

or select text within shapes:

Once you've made your highlight, you can add your comments exactly as you did before:

Kaizena for Google Slides is a paid feature: it's only available for Kaziena Progress users. To learn more on how to subscribe for Kaziena Progress, just email sales@kaizena.com!

Your students can use the Kaizena add-on Google Slides, as long as you are a Progress user.  To get access to Kaizena for Google Slides, just have them add you to their file as an editor:  here's the help guide to how to share a slides presentation with a teacher.

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