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Rubrics Basics
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While skills let you rate students on specific skills that they demonstrate in their work, rubrics allow you to group sets of skills together, and give students an overall evaluation in one place.. Before you use rubrics, you'll need to set up at least one skill: have a look at this guide to see how to set up skills

This guide to Rubrics will cover how to:

To get started with rubrics, click the small "+ Rubric" that appears above the comment buttons (once you've made at least one comment):

From here, you have two options for how to set up your rubric:

  • From existing skills in the conversation - if you've already added skills to this Google Doc or Slides, choose this option

  • From a rubric template - if you want to use a saved rubric, choose this option

Once you've created your rubric, you can always modify or delete it.  

Your students will be able to view the rubric by clicking "Show Rubric":

Creating a rubric from existing skills in the conversation

If you've already rated the student on some or all of their skills on this Google Doc, choose "Existing skills in this conversation":

Kaizena will collect all the skills you've added into the rubric:

If you've assigned the same skill multiple times, they will be averaged on the rubric score. If you want to override the average and assign a final score for a skill, just click the pencil icon to add your custom rating:

Your custom rating will override the average rating, and will be displayed above the average rating, like this:

The skill level description will match the assigned score.

If you close the rubric and add more skills the usual way, they will automatically be added to the rubric. If you add a skill that's already in the rubric, it will be included in the average score on the rubric.

You also can add and remove skills directly on the rubric.

Saving the Rubric

If you're happy with the set of skills you've added to the rubric, you can save the rubric to use on other Google Docs. Just click "Save as template":

Using a Rubric Template

If you've saved a rubric template that you'd like to use on this Doc, just click "From a rubric template":

You can find your rubric in the list, or use the search box to find your rubric. Click "Select" to add your rubric:

If you've used a rubric template before, you also can choose to reuse the most recent one by clicking "From the last-used rubric template":

Once you've selected the template, you'll see the rubric appear. If you've added some of the skills already, those scores will be filled in. (In the image below, the "Conclusion" skill had already been added.) For any skills that aren't filled in, just click the pencil icon to add your score:

Any skills you add to the Doc will be added to the rubric as well. If you add the same skill multiple times, the rubric will display the average of the scores.

If you add a score to the rubric using the pencil icon (like it shows in the image above), that score will overwrite the average score, and the average score will show up underneath, like this:

The skill level description will match the assigned score.

Rubric Summary

If you want to summarize how a student did on an assignment, you can add a summary score or comment to the bottom of your rubric.  

Click "Add Summary" at the bottom of the rubric:

You can choose to add a total score or a text comment.

To add all the skill points together, click "Total":

To add a custom text comment, click "Custom Text":

Enter your comment, then click "Save text":

Your summary will appear at the bottom of the rubric:

To learn more about how to edit and manage your Rubrics, go to Managing Rubrics.

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