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How to get the premium version of Kaizena
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What is Kaizena Progress? Kaizena Progress is the premium version of Kaizena. While you can always use Kaizena for free, Kaizena Progress offers:

  • Longer voice comments: record up to 10 minutes per comment

  • Kaizena for Google Slides: use Kaizena's feedback features directly in Google Slides.

  • Unlimited Lessons and function to attach files to Lessons

  • Skill tracking: see the skills you've assigned to your students, and measure how their skills have improved over time.

  • Premium access for students: students will have access to premium features on all Docs and Slides they have shared with you

  • The opportunity to join Kaizena's Ambassador program

  • Access to new features exclusive to progress users!

To get Kaizena Progress, you'll need to subscribe to Kaizena. This guide is for individual subscriptions. Click here for information about Group subscriptions. If you have questions about Kaizena Progress subscriptions, click here to see our FAQ page.

Individual subscriptions can be purchased through the Kaizena add-on or on the dashboard. Kaizena has both a yearly and monthly subscription option.

Via the Add-on

1. Open Kaizena on Google Docs

2. Click on the menu button (the green circle with 3 white horizontal lines) and then click "Kaizena Progress"

3. Click on the orange "Subscribe" button

4. Choose either the "Yearly Subscription" or "Monthly Subscription" option

5. Enter your credit card information and click the blue subscribe button to finalize the payment. Tada! You've got your Kaizena Progress subscription.

You can also subscribe by opening the add-on on Google Slides.

Via the Dashboard

1. Go to the Kaizena Dashboard and click on the "Subscription" tab

2. Click on the orange "Subscribe" button

3. Choose either the "Yearly Subscription" or "Monthly Subscription" option

4. Enter your credit card information to finalize the payment

If you have any further questions about individual subscriptions, contact us at

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