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How to use the coupon code to get Kaizena Progress

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Got a coupon code for Kaizena Progress? Kaizena Progress is the premium version of Kaizena. If you've got a coupon code, it means that you've received a trial for Kaizena Progress or someone purchased a subscription for you.

Make sure you have installed the Kaizena add-on and completed your profile before redeeming the coupon. See this guide for steps to installing Kaizena.

You can redeem your coupon through the Kaizena add-on or through the dashboard:

Via the Add-on

1. Open Kaizena on a Google Doc.

2. Click on the green circular menu button in the Kaizena sidebar with three white horizontal lines.

3. Click on "Kaizena Progress"

4. Click on the "Redeem Code" button

5. Enter your coupon code.

6. Click "Redeem". Tada! You now have Kaizena Progress

Via Dashboard

2. Click on "Redeem Code"

3. Enter your coupon code in the search bar that pops up

4. Click on the orange "Redeem" button. Tada! You now have Kaizena Progress.

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