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There are more to Lessons then just text, voice and file comments. If you're looking for how to create Lessons, click here for more information.

This guide will go through:

  • Curated Lessons

  • Embedding videos to Lessons

  • Sharing Lessons

Curated Lessons

Depending on the subject you input while setting up your Kaizena profile, you might find that you have several Lessons in your Lessons bank. If so, congrats! You've hit the Kaizena lottery and gained some of our curated Lessons.

Kaizena's curated lessons are pre-made Lessons that are added to your account based on your subjects and and grades. They're only available for certain subjects and grades, so there may not be any curated Lessons available when you create your account.

If you're using the free version of Kaizena, you may find that these curated Lessons are preventing you from creating new Lessons. If you realize that this is the case, please delete the curated Lessons manually or contact Kaizena to do so at Then you will be able to create your 5 free Lessons.

Embedding videos to Lessons

Just as you are able to add text, voice, and file (with Progress) comments to your Lessons, you can also embed public videos to look like this on Kaizena:

This allows you and your students to play videos within the Kaizena sidebar without needing to open another tab or window.

To embed a video into your Lesson, first open or create a Lesson:

You'll need to make sure that you're set to create a text comment:

Then copy-paste the URL of the video into the text comment:

You can add other text outside of the URL; they will be converted as normal text in your Lesson. Click "Post" when you're done:

Your video has been added to your Lesson! To see and play the embedded video within your Lesson, click "Show video":

Tada! You've embedded a video to your Lesson:

Note that only public videos (such as Youtube public videos) can be embedded. Private videos cannot be embedded into Kaizena.

Sharing Lessons

Lessons can be shared among teachers! This is available for both free and Pro users.

Here's how to share your Lessons with fellow teachers.

1. Go to the Kaizena dashboard Lesson page:

2. Click on the Lesson you would like to share.

3. Then click on "Set as Public". This would allow anyone with the link to your Lesson to access and add the Lesson to their Kaizena account.

4. Click "Copy URL" to get the URL of your Lesson and send that URL to fellow teachers.

To add a shared Lesson to your Lesson bank.​

1. To add a shared Lesson, enter the URL you sent into your browser. Make sure that you're signed in the email you're using for Kaizena!

2. Once you have entered the URL, you will see the Lesson on your dashboard. To save it into your Lesson bank, click on "Add to my collection":

Now you have the shared Lesson in your Lesson bank!

More about Sharing Lessons

Please note that when you set the Lesson to "Public", any teacher with the link can share the Lesson with other teachers. You can turn your Lesson settings back to "Private" to prevent this. Other teachers who have already added the Lesson to their Lesson bank will still be able to post the Lesson, but they can't share it with others unless you make the Lesson "Public" again.

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